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Security Services

Marshal Protective Services offers both armed and unarmed officers. These professionals are fully trained and after meeting the Private Security Bureau’s stringent requirements, they are registered (licensed) with the Texas Department of Public Safety. They have been background checked and knowledge tested by DPS. Our armed officers have received many hours of classroom training and have been range qualified. They are certified in the use of batons and pepper spray. They receive continuing education and license renewals every two years. In addition, MPS range qualifies them bi-annually.

Our officers are outfitted with very professional looking uniforms. Our armed officers carry a full duty belt with sidearm, baton, pepper spray and handcuffs. Our marked patrol cars are equipped with lights, sirens and electronics including dashcams. We are definitely not mall cops!

We Offer:

  • On-Site Officers
  • Patrol Officers
  • Personal Protection Officers (Bodyguard)
  • Fire Watch/ Emergency Services
  • Alarm Response
  • Loss Prevention Officers
  • Concierge Services
  • Event Security
  • Gate Guards